Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Scrapbooking and the Power of Play

My soul has been a little out of sorts this month. Between changing job duties at work, planning a new workshop, missing my son, prepping our house to sell, and the end of school right around the corner, I feel "off" and "discombobulated" (my new favorite word).

I am grateful to have Scrapbooking in my life. It makes me happy to look through photos I've taken of my family. It makes me happy to ink up my fingers, cut out intricate designs, and rub new paper between my fingers.

And while I fully embrace the importance of memory keeping, I'm also grateful for the power of play and creativity.

On days like today when my soul seems disjointed, a little play helps ground me again. Here's to play time for the grown ups!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Make It Meaningful Scrapbook Process Video #14: Laughing and Playing

Welcome back to another "Make It Meaningful" scrapbook process video hosted by Two Peas in a Bucket. This week I discuss how to use your supplies and tools to help you with the "Storytelling" process.

Make It Meaningful #14: Laughing and Playing

Here is a closer look at the layout I created:

You can find additional information on this layout and video HERE at 2Peas.

In the scrapbook process video, I share a few tips for stamping a secondary title/journaling area. I also share how to incorporate a tissue paper border onto the bottom of the layout. You can watch the video HERE on the 2Peas Youtube channel or below:

In the products section below, I share both the items that I used to create this layout; as well as, additional items you might already have on hand or could consider when recreating this layout.

You can find tissue paper on Amazon HERE if you're looking for some fun options.

Suggested Products (click photos for product information):

Monday, April 14, 2014

Grief Creeps in Through the Back Door: In Memory

Happy Birthday, Joey! Today would have been your 20th birthday. 20 years old. That's such a grown-up number. We miss you terribly, but we know that you are resting with a loving Heavenly Father. We know that you are with Mark and all of our other loved ones who are now in heaven.

It's a difficult day for us. We're proud that you earned the right to return home early to Heavenly Father, but because families are meant to be together forever we will always feel a piece of us is missing on days like today. We cannot wait until we get to be with you again, son!

Here are 20 things I love about you:

1. Your kind disposition and your concern for others.
2. Your infectious laughter.
3. The way you treated your dad like your best friend.
4. Your ability to make me feel special when I would volunteer at your school.
5. The loyalty you had towards your friends.
6. Your beautiful thick hair, dark eyes and eye lashes, and soft skin.
7. Your love for Legos, Soldiers, Star Wars, and video games.
8. The way you made up fun games for Katelyn and James and tried to always include them.
9. Your gentle heart that always cared more about other people's feelings even over your own.
10. The courage with which you faced your cancer and all your ongoing illnesses.
11. Your faith and testimony in the gospel.
12. Your desire to always be good and your concern that you weren't good enough (which you were).
13. Your honesty.
14. Your dedication and hard work at school.
15. The respect you showed your teachers, leaders, and even your family.
16. Your gentleness with babies, animals, and people who needed you.
17. Your willingness to try new things and look for new adventures.
18. Your love of reading, well into the wee hours of the night.
19. The quiet way you said "I love you" just when we needed to hear it the most.
20. Your arm draping hugs that made me want to squeeze you and squeeze you and squeeze you.

I am sure you are with us today. I thank you for that. I thank you for gracing us with your presence for 13 whole years, for choosing our family, and for taking care of us even when we were trying to take care of you.

I love you, I love you, I love you, son!

Happy birthday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Craft Room Tour Blog Hop with The Country Chic Cottage

Today I'm joining several other crafters, DIYers, and people who love making beautiful things to share our craft rooms. Follow the list below to jump from one craft room tour to the next. Be sure to pin and share your favorites!

Jen Gallacher Craft Room Tour:

I recently spent an entire weekend cleaning up and restaging my craft room for a magazine photo shoot. Many of you have seen my space before, but I'm sharing it again for today's tour. For the complete tour of my space, you can watch the video HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

My philosophy when setting up a craft space is to keep your most used items closest to your workspace. Here are some photos of my craft room:

(Use craft supplies to decorate your space.)

(Determine whether you'll organize by color or theme.)

(Keep plenty of your favorite adhesive on hand.)

(Keep your most used tools handy.)

(A drawer system near your desk can help hold additional tools.)

(Look for a storage system designed to hold specifically sized items like 12x12" paper.)

(Some supplies are decorative in nature. Create vignettes around your space with them.)

(Your space should reflect your personal style.)

As a professional crafter in the paper industry, I use this office over 60 hours a week. It's hard-working set-up helps me stay efficient AND creative. It took a few tries to get everything in a place that works for me, and it's evolving all the time dependent on changing trends and new products that require unique storage solutions.

Looking for some additional inspiration? Be sure to hop to each blog below for some additional ideas on how to set up your own craft space!

Craft Room Tour Blog Hop List:

The Country Cottage Chic (has all the blogs from this entire week's tour listed in one place)

Mrs Greene
Insitefull Living -- you are here!
In My Own Style
Lolly Jane
Today's Creative Blog
The Crafted Sparrow
Daisy Maebelle
Imparting Grace
Positively Splendid

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Looking for Some Pocket Page/Project Life Inspiration?

Pocket Page scrapbooking is the hottest trend in scrapbooking right now. If you haven't yet joined this style of memory keeping, you'll definitely want to check out the Individual True Scrap Pocket Page classes on sale NOW! Even if you consider yourself an expert at pocket page scrapbooking, these six classes are sure to inspire you to try some new techniques.

Save big now with the code "SAVE40" when checking out, making each class just $7.50 each!

Click HERE to check out these classes now!

I LOVE Lilith Eeckels' style, and in this class she shows you how to mesh traditional 12x12" pages with pocket page scrapbooking. This is a great class for making the transition to pocket page scrapbooking:

Marcy Penner is one of my Garden Girl buddies, and I ADORE her work. I love her approach to this class which shares how to include your family's perspective in your pocket page scrapbooking. I think this is SO important:

You can find additional classes HERE on the True Scrap Pocket Page event site. 

I know you'll find the classes that will boost your creativity and help you embrace pocket page scrapbooking.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Are YOU the Winner of my 3,000 Youtube Subscriber Giveaway?

Watch the video below or HERE on my Youtube channel to see who was selected to win the following prize package:

Thanks again for ALL the support! So excited to have such a loving community of crafters be part of my family!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Subscribe to My Youtube Channel for a Chance to Win a Prize Package!

Did you know that I have a personal scrapbook-related Youtube channel on which you can find my scrapbook process videos, card making videos, and more? I also have playlists which include all my videos for 2Peas, Scrapbook and Cards Magazine, and Echo Park Paper. Looking for a little inspiration and like the video teaching format? Be sure to check it out HERE!

I am just a few subscribers away from 3,000. I think that calls for a PRIZE when I reach my 3,000 goal. Want a chance to be entered into this giveaway? Simply subscribe to my channel. When I reach 3,000 I'll draw a name out to receive a special prize of scrapbooking goodies shipped to YOU!

Here's a little example of what I have to offer on my channel:

Thank you for all the love and support!