Thursday, September 18, 2014

Free Scrapbooking EBook from Popular True Scrap Instructors

Looking for inspiration from professional scrapbookers? Wondering what the "pros" do when they hit a creative block? Want to know more about some of your favorite designers? 

This volume has it all! With short, informational profiles from nine of your favorite scrapbooking instructors and designers, "Profiles in Scrapbooking" will give you ideas for busting through your own scrapper's block, for simplifying your creative process, and for falling in love with memory-keeping and scrapbooking all over again. Perfect for newer and more experienced scrapbookers, "Profiles in Scrapbooking" is a jolt of creative caffeine for crafty souls.

The True Scrap 6 Instructors serve as co-authors to this fabulous book which you can download from Amazon:

Download HERE.
(NOTE: You do NOT need a kindle reader to read this book. You can use your computer or E-Reader of choice.)

This book is FREE for a limited time ONLY. Get yours today!

Want to learn more from professional scrapbookers? Consider joining us for True Scrap 6, an online scrapbooking event. This event already has 200 registered and is growing every day. Be sure to sign up before the event is full! I'll be teaching a class on using moodboards as inspiration for your layouts. 

You can find more information HERE.

 Here's a little peek at my upcoming class:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scrappin' Madge Birthday Blog Hop

Welcome to a very special blog hop for a very lovely girl. To celebrate "Scrappin' Madge's" birthday, a few bloggers are each sharing a fun birthday project. I'm sharing a birthday mini album I created with the Carta Bella Paper "It's a Celebration" collection. Here's a look at what it looks like:

Want a peek inside? Be sure to watch the video below or HERE on Youtube:

Want a chance to win some exciting prizes? Be sure to hop along on the blog for your chance to win (visit Madge's post first to see the prizes). Please leave a comment on every blog as part of your qualification to win!

Here's the blog hop in order:

Scrappin Madge:

Rhonda M. Bewley Ratliff:

Jessica Douglass Wilson:

Jennifer Gallacher:

An'Jenic Gibson:

Linsey Rickett:

Jenny Johnson:


Sarah Biswabic

Rhonda Helm:

Bev Code:

Dawn Marie:

Amy E.

Rhonda Emery:

Melissa Fromm:

Tammy Smith:

Jessica Kephart:

Be sure to visit each blog to see a fun birthday project. You won't want to miss out on the ideas these girls are sharing!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Want a Peek?

Want a peek at the flooring we've had installed? Here's a few before and after shots. A more thorough blog post is on its way, but hey I had to share:

BEFORE (previous owners' photos):



Despite a minor setback with the fridge leaking and warping the kitchen floor, we're getting there. After three weeks of having this in my garage, I'm VERY happy to be betting my house back:

Later today we're hoping eliminate this cobalt blue wall in our front room:

Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Make It Meaningful: Thanksgiving Placecards Tutorial

In today's tutorial I wanted to create some Thanksgiving place cards with the charming "A Perfect Autumn" collection from Carta Bella Paper. The paper in this collection is printed on heavy-weight, textured paper, making every project a bit more sophisticated.

Step 1: Cut each of the patterned papers you wish to use into 3 1/2" x 5" rectangles and then fold in half. Because the paper is double-sided, you can use which every you side you like or use both by creating two rectangles from the same paper.

Step 2: Using the "Designer Tag Set 1" Designer Die from Echo Park Paper and a manual die cutting machine, cut several tags from kraft cardstock.

Step 3: Rub the edges of each of the die cut tags with brown stamping ink.

Step 4: Type up each person's name that will set at your Thanksgiving table onto cream cardstock. I used a font called "Vintage Typewriter" at 14 pts and printed it out on my computer in brown ink. Use scissors to cut out each individual letter from each person's name.

Step 5: Rub the edges of each of the letters with the brown stamping ink pad. Then mount each person's name on one of the kraft die cut tags.

Step 6: Mount each of the brown name tags on the right side of each folded place card. (NOTE: longer names may require a smaller font to fit on the die cut tag shape.)

Step 7: Add one of the stickers from this paper collection to the place card, tucking it behind the die cut tag.

Step 8: Thread twine through a button and mount on the tag. To keep the twine from coming undone, add a tiny bit of clear glue to the knot of the bow. Once dry the bow will hold its shape.

Here's the completed place cards again. You can use any themed paper collection to create place cards for a special event or a party. Look for tools that will help the process go quickly such as premade stickers or designer papers. Manual and digital die cut shapes can also make quick work of any project like this.

Did you enjoy this project? While you can always use items you already have on hand, if you're looking for these products, consider shopping from the product list below. Purchases made from my links help subsidize the cost of sharing projects here on my blog.

Looking for additional "Make It Meaningful" projects? Simply search on my blog side bar to find additional paper crafting projects under this heading.

Suggested Products (click the photos below for product information):

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When Did Your Hobby Become a Job?

This week I had the pleasure of serving on a panel for Paperclipping Roundtable again. This popular scrapbooking podcast addresses and discusses all kinds of memory keeping subjects. This week we discussed how working in the industry changes our hobby from a passion to a job.

Listen in HERE!

What a fantastic topic! I started working in the industry not long after I started scrapbooking so for me it always has been a job.

Here's a little peek into my job history:

* PaperKuts Magazine: Writer/Designer
* Li'l Davis Designs: Designer, Convention Worker
* Karen Foster Design: Designer
* C-Thru Ruler Company/Deja Views: Designer
* Little Yellow Bicycle: Designer, Catalog Photographer
* Making Memories: Designer
* Designer
* Savannah Scrapbooking: Teacher
* Roberts Crafts: Teacher
* Inque Boutique: Designer
* The Stamps of Life: Designer
* Nth Degree Co-host
* Northridge Publishing: Assistant Editor, Video Instructor
* Two Peas In a Bucket: Garden Girl (Designer)
* Echo Park/Carta Bella Paper: Marketing Coordinator
* Scrapbook and Cards Magazine: Video Instructor

After 17 years, my hobby has become a full-time job. I write, edit, photograph, design, and manage marketing for 8 hours a day. And then when my full day's work is done, then I do freelance jobs for myself and others.

I LOVE what I do. And while after eight hours, I'm mentally done for the day I can say that I spend the day in some way documenting my family's memories. What more could I possibly ask for? I'm one lucky girl.

What about you? Are you crafting or scrapbooking as a job or as a hobby? I'd love to hear.

If you'd like to listen into the podcast I recorded with Noell, Lain Ehmann, and Erin Bassett, be sure to check it out HERE.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

True Scrap 6 Class Reveal: An Online Scrapbooking Event

Today is the big reveal for all of the True Scrap 6 workshops. This fabulous online scrapbooking workshop event takes place on October 18th. Want to learn more about this event? Check it all out HERE! This online event is likely to sell out so grab your spot NOW!

I'm excited to be teaching a class that will help you increase your creativity when it comes to designing and creating layouts. Be sure to read through the description below.

Interested in learning more about this event?
Sign up for more information HERE.

Mood-Based Scrapbooking:

Lost your creative mojo? Not in the mood to document your favorite memories? You need new inspiration! How about using a mood board? In this course titled "Mood-Based Scrapbooking," designer Jen Gallacher will show you how to find inspirational boards you'll love, how to curate your own, and then how to shop your own stash to create dynamic layout designs. These incredible boards can inspire new ideas for sophisticated pattern combinations, beautiful color schemes, exciting textural elements, and perfect embellishment choices. Rediscover your creative spark in this course designed to set the mood for ongoing inspiration.

Save $20 off your registration with the coupon code "HERO".

Mark your calendar now for this exciting event. I'll be joining several other incredible instructors, including many industry favorites. Look for additional information coming soon.

Click HERE for all the details!

Monday, September 08, 2014

When Book Deals Go Under

As you might recall, I shared with you in early February that I was working on a book. (You can read more about that announcement HERE.)

I've been wanting to update you on the status of the book but was waiting on a more official announcement from the publishing company with which I was working. Since that has not occurred and may never occur, I can't yet fully disclose the nature of why the deal is not moving forward.

But I can share a few things:

* I'm really ok with it all. If you knew how many times things haven't worked out for me professionally, you might be surprised. Failure and disappointment is a part of the job. It makes me sad for a moment, and then I dust myself off and move forward.

* I found out about the change in direction just after I had submitted all my work for the book. What will happen with all those projects? Some I've shared with you (you just didn't realize it at the time). Some I'm compiling into a workshop which I plan to host on the same site as my former 2Peas workshops. I just need some time to get the site up and running. And some will never see the light of day. It just isn't worth it, and some of the projects seem too "dated" to me. (Maybe I'm self-editing a bit.)

* While I am disappointed, I am not upset with the wonderful people who helped me with this book. The editor, the photographers, and the people at the publishing office were kind, generous, and very sad when the book was pulled. I appreciate their time, talent, and efforts to help me. I also feel very grateful for the opportunity even if it won't be moving forward.

* While my personal book was pulled from the publishing line-up, there were other titles as well that had to be pulled. It makes me sad to know that other talented people were affected by this change. It was outside of all of our hands, but it still makes me sad.

* I'm not giving up. I'm kind of a fighter. I won't lie. I get disappointed. I cry. I don't always understand. But when someone tells me in one way or another that I "can't" do something, I kind of get a little mad (not at them, but within myself). And then I set out to prove to myself most of all that I can do it. Somehow an opportunity like this will come again.

If in the future the publishing company decides to share more about this decision, I will obviously share as well. However, to protect the relationships I've encountered there, and to respect the company I won't share information that I don't feel is my right to disclose.

I do want to thank you for your excitement and encouragement around the book. How incredible it was to know that I have an army of cheerleaders pulling for me every day. What a lucky girl I am!

Thanks for your friendship, love, and just general kindness. You're the best!