Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just Ask Jen Video: How to Create a Heidi Swapp Rolodex Album

This week on the Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine blog, I'm sharing a special project I created using the Heidi Swapp Rolodex system. You can find the blog post HERE. Here's a look at the project I created:

Heidi Swapp Rolodex video with Jen Gallacher for SCT Magazine.

The video shows you some of the products from this collection, and then shows you a completed album. This was a lot of fun to work with, and I love that I can sit this on my desk. You can watch it HERE or below:

Here's another look at the album. You can see all the shimmer and shine from the metallic foil finishes making this project extra special.

Heidi Swapp Rolodex by Jen Gallacher for SCT Magazine.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Craft Room Tour Video and Photos with Jen Gallacher

I'm so happy to be participating in this week-long craft room tour. I know that when I set up my craft room, I researched long and hard looking at other people's room to get my room just how I wanted it to function. The best way to see my room is through this video HERE. You can also watch it below:

This was my first craft room, and my favorite thing about it (besides how well it functioned and how much I loved how it looked) was all the natural light. Here are some close-up photos of the space. Pin your favorites:

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

 (I always store like products together including this entire drawer of adhesives.)

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

(Decorative details really personalize this space.)

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo
Drawers hold 12x12" paper.

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

Craft Space Tour with Jen Gallacher. #scrapbookroom #craftroom #craftroomtourvideo

I'm currently in the process of finishing up my craft room in my new home. This craft space includes a photography studio, a creative space for my daughter and even space for me to meet up with crafty friends. Subscribe HERE to my Youtube channel to watch that tour when it goes live.

Want to see more craft rooms? Start HERE on this tour of creative spaces.


Meet Six Amazing Scrapbooking Youtubers

Today you can watch six scrapbooking Youtubers at work creating scrapbooking process videos. We've each shared a NEW video for you that you can watch at your leisure. Take a moment to subscribe to each person's channel.

Scrapbooking Process Youtube Blog Hop hosted by

You can watch my video HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

Youtube Blog Hop

Here's the list of other videos to watch:

Here's a list of the channels to follow:

Here's another look at the layout I created for today's hop:

Suggested Products

Click photos for product links. Affiliate links have been used where possible. Some of the products shown in this video were donated.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Join Me Tomorrow for 2 Exciting Opportunities!

Join me tomorrow here on the blog for two exciting opportunities. The first will be a craft room tour I'm a part of this week. If you haven't seen my old craft room before, this is your chance to do so. So mark your calendars.

Craft room tour with Jen Gallacher at

Then join me here on the blog and on Youtube for a VERY special Youtube hop with some fabulous designers. This hop will introduce you to some designers you may want to follow. Plus it's full of scrapbook process videos for you to watch. Watch for that around mid-morning.

Scrapbook Process Video Hop with Jen Gallacher at

And thank you for helping me reach 5,000 Youtube subscribers yesterday. The winners will be selected and announced here this week! Haven't yet subscribed? Do so HERE.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Make a Valentine Frame

Did you know that this year I'm focusing on recording more meaningful memories? There are lots of ways to make memories meaningful. One is to decorate your home with seasonal items made just by YOU!

Last year I shared this fun Valentine frame. I thought you might want to see it again this year. I have completely fallen in love with the "metallic" trend so I've added gold heat embossed feathers and a gold fringe made from tissue paper to this project. Pin it now and make later!

Valentine Frame by Jen Gallacher from

To Make This Project:

* Valentine Paper Collection
 * Ornate White Frame
* Grey Washi Tape
* Gold Embossing Powder
* Versamark Stamping Ink
* Silhouette Die Cut Machine
* Feather Die Cut Shapes
* White Photo Corners
* White Doily
* White Crochet Twine
* Gold Tissue Paper
* Fringe Scissors

This project is all about layering. Just a few simple banner shapes layered on top of one another make this project come together quickly. What makes this project special, however, are the elements of gold. For the bottom border, I cut a rectangle from gold tissue paper and then cut the bottom edge with fringe scissors (thanks for those, Martha Stewart). For the feathers, I die cut them from white cardstock and then covered them with clear Versamark stamping ink. I then embossed them with gold embossing powder for an additional "WOW" factor. Look for ways to incorporate some shine into your projects.

I love handmade items. Whenever I pass something in my home that either I or someone I care about has made, it makes me smile. It also reminds me of all the fun I had of creating the project. Sometimes what makes an item meaningful is the joy in the creative process. And that is just as important as the end result.

Use my sidebar to search for other handmade Valentine projects now!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to Create Valentines for Teenagers

For Valentines Day, I wanted to create a tutorial on creating Valentines that could be given out as a teenager. Teens are hard to design for. They are halfway between child and adult, and they really don't want a Spongebob Valentine (ok, perhaps some do). In today's tutorial, I'll show you how to create some simple Valentine cards that could easily be used for tags on Valentine gifts, or even as inserts into your Photo Freedom/Project Life page protectors. Here are the four Valentines I created:

Teenage Valentines by Jen Gallacher. #papercraft

Here is a close-up view of the Valentines:

Teenage Valentines by Jen Gallacher. #papercraft

Below is the helpful tutorial video which includes each of these four Valentines created from start-to-finish. You can also watch the video on my Youtube channel HERE:

If you like these craft tutorial videos, be sure to check out this playlist HERE which shares a bunch of Valentine craft videos.Take a moment to subscribe to my channel so you know each time I upload a new video!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Little Bit About Me!

Some of you may be new here, so I thought I would take a moment and introduce myself. The best way to get to know me is through my About Me page HERE. Click over to read more about my story!

Here's a little peek at what you'll find:

Monday, January 18, 2016

Katelyn's LDS Mission Service

Our sweet girl, Katelyn, has been gone 2 months now serving the Lord in a foreign country. There are times when I put my chin up and am totally fine with her being gone, and frankly there are times when I miss my girl. But she is LOVING the experience. That's not to say that she hasn't had hard times, and tears haven't been shed. But that's all part of this process. The growth I hear in her weekly emails is just astonishing. And they also let us know that she is still "our" Kate. Here's a few excerpts from her recent emails:


First of all I want to apologize for not writing a group email last week. I only have an hour and a half every week to write and I am still trying to figure out how best to use my time...and honestly I don´t know that I will ever fully figure it out....anyway bear with me.

Enero 5, 2016
      Today we worked super hard and had a schedule full of appointments. In one instance we were contacting a woman named Gloria inbetween appointments. Suddenly I realized that I hadn´t been paying attention and had no idea what had been said between her and my companion for that last few minutes. Naturally it was in this moment that my companion turned to me and signaled for me too talk. I laughed and muttered an apology in advance under my breath. And then I began to talk. And even now I don´t know what I said. But after I spoke she began to cry. The gift of tongues is real. And I am ever grateful that despite my shortcomings the Lord genuinly wants to help these people. 

Enero 6, 2016
      Today can only be described by what I ate....
      Ceviche de Pota. Yes that is ceviche de octopus...and its actually pretty good. And with that...sweaty fish. Which is interesting. The flavor is actually really good....the texture is that of your skin after a hard days thats fun in a different kind of way. But mom I´ll have you know I finished every single bit.
     And later thanks to the bishop I had pizza hut and chocolate cake so it all worked out.

Enero 9, 2016
   Today was the first day I cried this transfer. It was only a few tears but still. It was because a part of me came out on my mission thinking that I could somehow give Heavenly Father this time. That I could somehow pay part of my debt with this. But I realized that there is absolutely no way I could ever account for all the blessings he has given me even more so now that I am on my mission. But I don´t have to. The Atonement and His Mercy are infinite. I need only to my best. Which will never be enough. But his mercy and love are enough. And I am ever so grateful for it.
     It was definitely a rough day but it ended with a visit to a family in the ward that reminded me a lot of mine. There was the boy playing minecraft. The funny dad. And the absolutely wonderful mom. It reminded me that I have people waiting back home to hear about how hard I worked. And it gave me strength to keep giving my all even though I can´t ever repay the debt. Because it has already been paid.

Enero 10, 2016
    So everyone in the ward calls us either Hermanitas or Angeles. It is really sweet!
    Today we had 8 investigators come to church!!! It was amazing!!! 
   Afterwards all of our appointments were canceled because of a surprize meeting for the stake. I couldn´t focus because the sound of the mic made the spanish harder to understand so forgive me but, me and my companion planned our weddings since we didn´t have an any major part in the meeting. Forgive me but sometimes the brain needs to take a break.
   After that we made pancakes....they were pretty good but more like crepes.

All in all don´t ignore the miracles in your life everyday. Be grateful for all you have. For all you have to do and for all you can´t possible do without the help of the Lord.

Do you have LDS missionaries or other religious service groups in your area? Here's an article I wrote on how you can reach out and help them even if you aren't interested in their message. Click HERE to read.
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