Wednesday, October 07, 2015

World Card Making Day Card Round Robin

Did you participate in all the festivities on the Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine blog? It was a day filled with inspiration and fabulous prizes. You can find all of the blog posts HERE. I participated with other SCT Magazine designers in a fun and inspiring Card Round Robin. One designer provided the first piece of inspiration, and then she created a card based on that inspiration. Then each of us in the Round Robin only got to see the card the person before us created. Here's a look at the inspiration that started it all:

Read HERE to see how each of us was inspired! This is my version of the card. Be sure to check out the other designers' projects.

Card inspired by a round robin. Click here to learn more:

Card inspired by a round robin. Click here to learn more:

Love this inspiration? Be sure to check out the latest Card Idea Book from SCT Magazine HERE "Creative Cards Volume 1."

Card Idea Book:

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

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Monday, October 05, 2015

Video: How to Add Tabbed Files to a Scrapbooking Layout

This post was generously sponsored by Pebbles, Inc. and SCT Magazine.

Today I wanted to share a special scrapbooking layout that I created for Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine. This layout features the "Happy Day" collection from Pebbles, Inc. and includes file folder tabs. Here's a look at the layout:

Nap Time #scrapbooking layout by Jen Gallacher designed for Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine. Includes how to video:

Want to see how I created the scrapbooking layout start-to-finish? Watch the scrapbooking process video HERE or below to learn more:

Here's a close-up look at the finished project:

Nap Time #scrapbooking layout by Jen Gallacher designed for Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine. Includes how to video:

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Teaching and Travelling in South Africa Part #3

(For the first part of my adventures read HERE and HERE!).

Teaching in South Africa

The final leg of my adventure took me to Johannesburg. As we flew from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, I realized that my journey was nearly over.

The following morning, all of the teachers decided to go shopping at the shopping center in Sandton. We took the hotel shuttle back to the airport and boarded the train to Sandton. It was a quick train ride into town and then a short walk to the mall. We shopped for hours stopping only long enough to get a quick bite to eat. This was our only day shopping for souvenirs for family and friends so we were trying to get the most out of it. We also stopped for some photos in Nelson Mandela square, which is currently undergoing some remodeling. I'm not even sure how tall this statue is, but obviously it's much larger than I.

(View of Johannesburg from the train.)

In the evening, we met up for dinner and more chatting. Our group had bonded into a family at this point, and any smaller group of our larger group could easily get along. These gals are all incredible women. I learned so much from them while I was there.

The next day, I taught my first class bright and early in the morning. I shared with them my backstory about losing Joey and how important I've discovered this hobby to be. They were receptive and generous as they listened. We made the layout, and spent two and a half hours together creating our project.

For the rest of the day I actually took my first break of the vacation. Nearly every other minute of my trip has been spent doing something, and I realized I was getting exhausted and needed to rest. So I took a nap, read a book, and watched a movie. It was heavenly. While I thought I might be more relaxed on the Safari, I found myself too busy to stop and breathe. It was good to take some time on this day to do so.

The following morning I taught another session of my class again at 8 a.m. I like teaching early in the morning. Since I'm already typically awake, I enjoy being with others to keep me company. All three classes on this trip were full of beautiful girls who support and love one another in their hobby. I LOVE that!

(View outside of our hotel in Johannesburg.)

On this leg of the trip I again roomed with Rachel. I'm sure she was sick of me, as I kept her up quite late every night chatting. She's wonderful! While we were there, her house and business were flooded in a freak hailstorm. I can't imagine how worried she must have been, but she was calm and collected as she received updates from her husband on the damage. Being away from family for almost two weeks is difficult, but I can't imagine having something go wrong while I was gone. Again, as I think back on the friends that I made on this trip, I feel really, really blessed.

At this point of the trip, I was really missing Brett and the kids. Isn't it funny how you get all excited to go away, and then you get excited to come back home?

The night I boarded my flight from Johannesburg to New York, I realized how content I actually was. I think I did nearly everything I wanted to. I met the most incredible people (including Glenda's sweet boys, and her amazing husband and staff). I really had a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and I'm so grateful that I was able to have this experience. We did one more round of shopping for some last-minute gifts. I was a little saddened by this display, but I would imagine it's no different than cowhide rugs for us. It's just that you don't see a Zebra everyday in my neck of the woods.

As I deboarded the plane in Salt Lake City, nearly a full 24 hours after boarding my first flight I could not wait to see everyone. There is something about coming home satisfied that makes travel even more special.

I'm looking forward to teaching again in the future, but for now you can find me through my social media channels. Pop in and say hi if you were one of my delegates! I'd love to see you again.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Teaching and Travelling in South Africa Part #2

(You can read about the first part of my trip HERE.)

Teaching in South Africa

Our flight to Port Elizabeth was quick; although, filled with some turbulence. I found the drive from the airport out to Kichaka absolutely beautiful. I'm most astounded sometimes by the beauty in the world. My dad taught me at an early age to appreciate the world around me, so I'm always content to simply ride along and watch from a car window the beauty of the flora and fauna around me.

We arrived at Kichaka Game Lodge just short of a couple of hours after landing. We were greeted by the very gracious staff, and then we were transported by jeep to the main lodge. The lodge is surrounded by walls, electric fence, and an electronic gate which keeps the people in and the animals out. Right off the bat, we spotted a few animals as we drove to the lodge.

At the lodge we were divided into groups and taken to our individual lodging huts. Does this even qualify as a hut? This is the type of place you take your significant other to. It's romantic, beautiful, and secluded. It's also a great place to bond with a best friend. I had the lovely privilege of sharing a room with the amazing Rachel Grieg from Darkroom Door Stamps. She's a wonderful person, and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to become her friend.

After settling in, we headed out on our first game drive. Now the whole part of coming to Africa for me has ALWAYS been about going on a Safari. So to finally be in a jeep heading out into the bush, was a beyond-exciting experience. Our Field Guide Ashley is incredibly knowledgeable and pointed out items all along the drive. The roads aren't paved, and sometimes you can't tell there is a road until he starts driving on it. He can spot animals for miles that our technology-filled eyes can't even see when we're nearly upon them.

I couldn't believe it when we pulled up near the giraffes, and he allowed us to get out and walk around as he served us drinks. While I sipped on some water, I tried to take in the fact that I was standing a few yards away from some of Heavenly Father's most beautiful creatures. While we watched, two males began fighting over a nearby female. They would swing their heads into each others necks, and you could hear the "thwack" as they hit one another. It was a National Geographic moment for sure. Stopping to observe the animals in their habitat is where you will get the most from a Safari. If you rush off, you'll completely miss how the move, what they eat, how they interact, and all that makes them majestic.

Ashley, our guide, is an avid and incredible photographer and knew just how to place us to get the best light and angle of the animals, the sunset, and the incredible views. It was all that I hoped it would be.

The following morning we were to head out at 6 a.m. in order to see all the animals before it became too hot. I was quite sick and realized that I wouldn't be able to be in a jeep for four hours feeling the way that I did. So I excused myself and went back to my room to rest. I admit that I cried a little bit. I was heartbroken that I might be missing out on some of the animals after waiting so long to experience my girlish dream. But I apparently needed it as I was sick for much of the trip to Africa and lost quite a bit of weight on the trip.

Thankfully that evening I was well enough to join them for the second drive of the day. Each day we took two drives. One early in the morning and one late in the evening. This is the best time to see the animals. And each time we experienced something new.

When we weren't on the drive, we were eating, chatting, and resting. The food was absolutely incredible, and I was sad that I was too sick to enjoy it. South African cuisine is some of the best I've ever had. And the Kichaka chef is top notch. You should have seen the spreads he put out each night. Just amazing!!

(photo courtesy of Rachel Grieg)

Over the next few days, our group began to bond as we chatted, laughed, shared, and befriended one another. I had the privilege of being with Laura Graff from Webster's Pages, Glenda Viljoen from South African Convention, Rachel Grieg from Darkroom Door, Stephanie Smokovich from Bella Blvd, and Trisha Ladoucer. There were also two very awesome guys on the grips. Stephanie's husband, Stephen, and Laura's husband Jonathan. They took care of us single gals and always made sure we were safe the entire trip. I appreciated them both for that as I wasn't able to take Brett on this trip.

This part of my trip was magical. The rolling hills, spotting lions in the dark with a spotlight (and then a red light), watching Springbok leap and chase one another, discovering Elephants in the bush and then outside of a property located on the preserve. Ashley was an incredible guide, and I learned so much about the animals from his tours. I cannot recommend Kichaka or Ashley as your guide enough. If you want to experience Africa, be sure to go there!

On our final morning, it was pouring. We were blessed in our timing as there had been rain before our arrival and rain as we left. As we headed to the main gate to check out, I discovered a few tears pooling in my eyes. It was then that I realized how much I had fallen in love with this place. It seeps into your soul and changes you. It makes you realize that there gracious and good people everywhere (the staff was amazing), and that life-long friends can be made in just a few days, and that God has created the most beautiful planet.

This place will always be a part of me, and I'm so grateful for the experience.
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